Small loans are our short-term financing service for people who do not need a large amount of money to solve their problems. You can get small loans quickly and easily. If you are looking for a solution, we believe that you will find the perfect service on our site that suits your needs.

Online small loans for bad credit in 3 easy steps


If you need an online small loan for bad credit then we can help you right away. The sooner you contact us with your request, the sooner we will approve a small loan for you. We only pay out in dollar and cash, one-off into your checking account.

If you come to a relative or friend and tell him I need the money right away, it can cause an avalanche of questions that you will have to answer, you will not find such questions with us.

Small loans are intended for all adults who have regular monthly incomes and a non-blocked current account. This amount of money is enough to address the reasons why you contacted us. While we will never ask you to justify your reasons, it is good to know that we treat our clients in exactly the same way, and this is the maximum discretion in which privacy is guaranteed to you.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to decide to borrow money from someone you don’t know. Although it is much easier to ask relatives and friends, it can also be very annoying. Our clients have no problem with this because we work professionally and with confidence. We are part of the Good Finance, a leading provider of financial mobile services in the EU and worldwide. We have over 2,000,000 satisfied customers who are offered discreet and easy-to-access small loans via the Internet or mobile devices.

Unexpected costs 

Unexpected costs 

It is always tricky in life when a situation occurs that you could not anticipate nor count on. The unexpected costs do not ask for either the time or the place. How many times have a situation happened that required you money, and you shrugged helplessly and thought to yourself that at least I had something besides myself.

To small loans from all over Croatia


We do business through the internet and for that reason, we are accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. It takes only a few minute’s time and basic documentation to access our request and request a small loan. Knowing that in a very simple way you can always contact us when you get into trouble, you can now sleep more peacefully. Request a small loan from your own home without going to the bank and going door to door.

Small loans in two options


There are two ways of raising a loan with us:

  1. Option “I have a Guarantor” (refers to the fact that the person applying for the loan must have another natural person, the so-called personal guarantor, who will guarantee their income that the loan will be repaid in a timely manner)
  2. If the person applying for the loan does NOT want a GUARANTEE, he / she uses the “I do not want a Guarantor” option, which implies that he/she wants to use the service of Good Finance, which is our guarantee (guarantee) partner, and in this case also acts as a Guarantor, but not a personal but, rather, a “legal and professional” Guarantor, ie a legal body.