Everyone has the right to free self-assessment once a year. However, this information must be requested in person. Only data will be received from those companies that have previously signed a cooperation agreement with Jenny Credit. MasterCard and Visa are offered by banks, Jaisah Express and Gideons Club are sold directly. When a company makes a credit inquiry to Jenny Credit about a specific person, the respective score of the consumer is informed.

Jenny Credit self-information: how it works

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Do you know your personal Jenny Credit score or which of your statements the credit reference agency has? Otherwise, it is advisable to obtain a free Jenny Credit self-assessment. You’ll learn why regular controls are needed and how you can easily access your information. If you are denied a loan or a mobile contract, it is likely that the result will be a weak Jenny Credit result.

However, the Jenny Credit entries do not always agree with the current state of affairs. Keeping your details in mind may increase your credit options. Especially before larger credit reports, you should check your details. After all, every citizen has the right to request information from the Jenny Credit free of charge once a year in order to check that his or her personal information is correct.

Since 2010, credit reporting agencies

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(including Jenny Credit, mayor and credit reform) have been legally required to provide consumers with free information about their personal information every year. However, you must be careful when applying! But also on the home page of the Jenny Credit there is the “Jenny Credit information online” – this will be charged 18.50 USD – or the “Jenny Credit credit information”, for which a fee of 24.95 USD.

The paid ads allow for a permanent review and can not be called only once a year. Thus, this service is also available for those who are not party to the Jenny Credit and need information, such as homeowners who need Jenny Credit information from their prospective tenants. The self-declaration form is available on the Jenny Credit website.

What is the information?

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The information includes an overview of where the information came from and to whom it has been communicated over the past 12 months, as well as the probable value that has been communicated to the interviewing companies. To get information about your current score, you should check the “Current Probability Score” box when filling in the form.

With a copy of the ID, the completed form must be sent by post to the Jenny Credit. Only a few days later you will receive your personal information – also by letter. This letter must be sent by letter to the Jenny Credit: In the case of incorrect information, Jenny Credit will contact its contractual partners. As long as the case is not clear, the information in question will not be visible for new applications. Consumers should also contact the person responsible for the incorrect information directly.