RCC Bank offers company loans and revolving limits, also to cover arrears in ZUS and Tax Office in the amount of up to PLN 500,000.

The offer of RCC A banking operator may mainly be interested in people who run their own business. Financing is provided both in the form of installment loan as well as in the form of a revolving limit.


What can you write about the RCC brand itself?

What can you write about the RCC brand itself?

We know only that it is a loan broker registered under the name RCC Bank Sp. z oo at ul. Domaniewska 37 with headquarters in Warsaw. Specializes in financial intermediation, directed to people running their own business. We are talking here about self-employed people, running a single business activity or various types of companies (civil, public, partner). Operating for at least 12 months is required.

RCC Bank – Retail Credit Broker

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If you run your own business, RCC has the right to offer a company loan of up to PLN 500,000 . The company is able to help us, even in a situation where we have arrears in ZUS and the US, granting a loan to companies indebted in ZUS. Financing is provided in the form of a real or very popular credit among enterprises – a revolving limit .

Being in a difficult financial situation, it is very difficult to obtain financial support from the bank itself. Therefore, RCC here offers help in this area, which is able to help us get out of the difficult financial situation in which we and our company have found ourselves. A very common problem is that you have significant arrears in ZUS or US . Thanks to RCC, we can obtain bridging financing for repayment of liabilities in the offices mentioned here. In addition, we can receive additional money, thanks to which we will be able to regain financial liquidity.


By contacting RCC you can get a wide support of financial advisors.

After analyzing your financial situation, you will be able to find out where you will have the best chance of getting a loan or a loan. Check which banks and loan companies have the longest lending period and under what conditions you may be granted such a loan.