Payday loans are available at loan providers new to 7,500 euros!

Recently, providers is now offering Payday loans up to 7,500 euros . This increase in the loan amount is made possible by excellent relations with partner banks at home and abroad, which providers has built up over the decades. An assessment at

For many years, loans without remark were only possible up to 3,500 euros. providers has shown in recent years that even without obtaining the information from remark, the creditworthiness of the applicants can be checked so that lending banks get back the borrowed money. Due to this success and the resulting increasing trust between the credit intermediary providers and its partner banks, the loan amount for Payday loans could now be increased to 7,500 euros.


Increase existing Payday loans to 7,500 euros!

Borrowers who already have a Payday loan of up to € 3,500 can top up their current loan. The condition is that the criteria for a Payday loan up to 7,500 euros are met. This credit increase can be done relatively quickly, since the credit without remark examination for the amount 3,500 euros already took place earlier.

What many do not know: often quite normal loan possible!

After a credit cancellation many credit seekers believe they now need a Payday loan (ie credit without remark) . In the case of bon loans, however, in many cases a loan can be given as a normal loan (with remark), which is usually faster, cheaper and more flexible for the customer than a Payday loan. 

If, in the course of the credit check, providers determines that a loan with remark is not possible, the second option is to automatically check whether a Payday loan can be offered.

Schweizer Kredite neu bis 7.500 Euro!

Conclusion: Even if the customer explicitly asks for a Payday loan , providers is often able to provide the customer with a normal loan. This always for the benefit of the loan seekers! Only when this possibility is eliminated, the payday loan is offered!

Our principle: No credit contract without credit comparison!

Even the German Stiftung Warentest advises on credit comparison: In order to find out which loan offer is the best in an individual case, we recommend that loan seekers, in addition to credit, also make a credit request. This request is free and non-binding for all credit providers, and can be done quickly and easily via the Internet.

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