Classic payday loan suitable for people who need a few thousand before payday and the bank would not lend them. providers now offers the first free loan up to CZK 8,000. Other loans can be up to CZK 20,000 . The standard maturity is 30 days as is the case with Payday loans. It is possible to extend the loan by 7, 14 or 30 days for a pre-determined fee depending on the amount of the loan. Alternatively, it is possible to negotiate a repayment schedule and repay for a longer time. You will receive a loan approval decision within 10 minutes. In case of loan approval, you will have your money within 15 minutes on your bank account. Providers lends even to troubled clients who have a registry entry, it is a loan with high application approvals.

If you are a client or become a client, you can now earn 100 crowns with providers on every friend you call the Payday loan service. More information here.

Experience how to borrow

Experience how to borrow

To apply for a Payday loan you will need a mobile phone, a bank account, a copy of your ID card and proof of receipt (classic copy of the pay slip or bank statement). This must be documented only at the first request. The applicant should have a steady income (payout, pension or maternity) and be between 20 and 65 years old. For a Payday loan, you will not need a guarantor or guarantee any property.

Features of Payday loans

  • The first FREE loan
  • Loan amount: 100 – 20 000 CZK
  • Maturity: 30 days, with the option of extending for up to 30 days
  • Method of payment: transfer to bank account
  • Loan without guarantor: Yes
  • Loan without proof of income: No.
  • Loan without registry check: Yes
  • Receipt: Yes

Table of installments providers for new clients

Loan Amount Due date Interest and fee total amount
CZK 1,000 14 days 0, – CZK CZK 1,000
CZK 2,000 14 days 0, – CZK CZK 2,000
CZK 3,000 14 days 0, – CZK CZK 3,000
CZK 4,000 14 days 0, – CZK CZK 4,000
CZK 5,000 14 days 0, – CZK CZK 5,000
CZK 6,000 30 days 0, – CZK CZK 6,000
CZK 8,000 30 days 0, – CZK CZK 8,000
CZK 12,000 30 days 2 880 CZK 14 880 CZK
CZK 20,000 30 days 4 800 CZK CZK 24,800


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