Payday Bank has prepared an offer for its clients that facilitates the management of monthly expenses. Instead of having to remember about several repayment dates in different institutions, the client can pay off his debts to other banks and reduce the burden on the household budget, thanks to having only one new installment.


Payday Bank – promotion of a loan / cash loan

Payday Bank - promotion of a loan / cash loan

As part of the offer, the nominal interest rate has been reduced – it ranges from 7% for loans up to PLN 150,000, granted for up to 8 years. If the client presents a confirmation of repayment of liabilities contracted in other banks, he will additionally receive a refund of the equivalent of the bank commission for granting the loan.


Cash Loan Well Stacked With Low Interest

What are the features of a well-structured loan? A cash loan should be, above all, convenient. What counts is the method of repayment, interest is also important – the lower the better, the better for the borrower’s portfolio.

All of these criteria are met by a Payday Bank loan. It has been designed with the customers’ convenience in mind – the advisor helps to complete the formalities, and after making the credit decision, the money is immediately available to the client, so that he can quickly finance his needs. To get a loan, simply fill out the loan application below. A convenience for clients is also the opportunity to check their creditworthiness and submit an initial loan application online 7 days a week.

A cash loan is repaid in equal monthly installments. It can be repaid without additional fees in all branches, as well as in the convenient Payday Bank deposit machines. Deposit machines enable customers to pay their loan installments independently, without the need to visit the facility, without queues and limited opening hours. In addition, Payday Bank offers its clients an independent choice of the day of the month in which they will pay the installment. Once a year, eg during holidays, it is possible to suspend the loan repayment for a month.


Best accounts – Ranking of bank accounts

Best accounts - Ranking of bank accounts

It’s worth changing your bank account for better and free. The standard is already access to the account via the Internet, the possibility of earning on high-interest bank deposits and the ability to use the credit line in your account. 100% on-line service – ATMs for PLN 0, account keeping PLN 0, card PLN 0, transfers PLN 0. Set up the best personal account! 


Cash loans via the Internet

Here we have prepared a special offer of cash loans without leaving your home: via the Internet, telephone or SMS. Loans for evidence, without certificates and unnecessary formalities. Fast, convenient and convenient. Compare quick loans online. 


A quick cash loan for every 24/7

Online loans, online payday loans – this is an excellent solution for people who need cash quickly. Loans without certificates for individual clients and companies with a transfer to the customer’s account in 15 minutes. Just ID card, bank account number.


Comparison of cash loans

Comparison of cash loans

Compare cash loans and choose the best, most advantageous cash loan with a low installment. A cash loan will quickly help you patch the hole in your home budget. Check which banks will lend you money under the best conditions and how much will the monthly installment of the loan. Choose the best cash loan and order it online. Fast credit decision!


Comparison of housing loans

Compare housing loans from 25 Banks. Calculate installments, compare offers. Choose the best mortgage for yourself. A mortgage loan with a low margin will allow you to fulfill your dreams of own accommodation.