The idea for JV Finance came to me in November 2013 when I went out of curiosity to the 3D printing show in London’s Angel district. What struck me at the show was the number of projects and new technologies that financed their development through crowdfunding.

I had heard about crowdfunding and had personally and professionally invested in more than 170 SMEs and startups. But I had a revelation. The crowdfunding had reached the critical mass and allowed to finance all types of projects. So why not adapt this modern financing technique to the daily needs of the very small and small businesses that make up the economic fabric of our country? At the time, I was a financial analyst and worked for the pension fund of BB Bank. Although this work was informative, interesting and allowed me to travel, I dreamed of starting my own business, just as my father, my grandfather and uncles had done.

A real need for financing for SMEs

A real need for financing for SMEs

So I decided to study closely the launch of a participatory loan platform for SMEs. A large number of studies showed that, contrary to popular belief, the French are not pessimistic and have development projects, as much for their VSE / SME as for their economies.

On one side of the equation, VSEs and SMEs have projects, but they are facing increasing funding difficulties that prevent them from doing business. On the other hand, French individuals lack investment products and harvest yields close to daisies.

JV Finance, birth

JV Financing, birth

My personal and professional experience gave me the deep conviction that our platform project meets a real need, both for individuals and for French SMEs . So I decided to leave my job in London and embark on the entrepreneurial adventure in France. JV Finance, a crowdfunding platform was born!

JV Finance connects SMEs and financers. Our participative loan platform, secured on the internet, allows French individuals, who have become true financiers of the real economy, to lend directly to SMEs that they believe against interest from 4% to 12%. We therefore offer a fast, smart and modern financing alternative .