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Everyone has the right to free self-assessment once a year. However, this information must be requested in person. Only data will be received from those companies that have previously signed a cooperation agreement with Jenny Credit. MasterCard and Visa are offered by banks, Jaisah Express and Gideons Club are sold directly. When a company makes a credit inquiry to Jenny Credit about a specific person, the respective score of the consumer is informed.

Jenny Credit self-information: how it works

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Do you know your personal Jenny Credit score or which of your statements the credit reference agency has? Otherwise, it is advisable to obtain a free Jenny Credit self-assessment. You’ll learn why regular controls are needed and how you can easily access your information. If you are denied a loan or a mobile contract, it is likely that the result will be a weak Jenny Credit result.

However, the Jenny Credit entries do not always agree with the current state of affairs. Keeping your details in mind may increase your credit options. Especially before larger credit reports, you should check your details. After all, every citizen has the right to request information from the Jenny Credit free of charge once a year in order to check that his or her personal information is correct.

Since 2010, credit reporting agencies

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(including Jenny Credit, mayor and credit reform) have been legally required to provide consumers with free information about their personal information every year. However, you must be careful when applying! But also on the home page of the Jenny Credit there is the “Jenny Credit information online” – this will be charged 18.50 USD – or the “Jenny Credit credit information”, for which a fee of 24.95 USD.

The paid ads allow for a permanent review and can not be called only once a year. Thus, this service is also available for those who are not party to the Jenny Credit and need information, such as homeowners who need Jenny Credit information from their prospective tenants. The self-declaration form is available on the Jenny Credit website.

What is the information?

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The information includes an overview of where the information came from and to whom it has been communicated over the past 12 months, as well as the probable value that has been communicated to the interviewing companies. To get information about your current score, you should check the “Current Probability Score” box when filling in the form.

With a copy of the ID, the completed form must be sent by post to the Jenny Credit. Only a few days later you will receive your personal information – also by letter. This letter must be sent by letter to the Jenny Credit: In the case of incorrect information, Jenny Credit will contact its contractual partners. As long as the case is not clear, the information in question will not be visible for new applications. Consumers should also contact the person responsible for the incorrect information directly.

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More and more financial products are available to us. With so many offers it is difficult for us to choose. To help you make the best choice, I tell you what are the different types of loans you can buy. Find out which one suits you best.


Bank loans

Bank loans

These are the typical loans that you can access. They are what you acquire with the bank through a contract. Those usually have lower interest rates than other services of the same financial institution. There are different names and there are even loans that specialize according to what you want to acquire with them, with slight variations in interest, amounts, etc.

An example of a bank loan – which insurance you have already requested – is a business loan , another example is a personal loan . To get them you have to go through a process that is not fast at all. This allows the credit and the amount to be approved or not after an evaluation so that you can just get the money .


Card Loans

credit Card Loans

If you have a credit card, you have been told that you have a parallel line of “x” amount of dollars. These can be removed from the same ATM.

You can get very excited when they offer you a loan like that and you may end up accepting it without knowing the high interest rates they carry. If you have time to think about it: I don’t recommend them. Accept it only if it is for an emergency or if you are going to pay them in one or two installments. A planned personal loan is better!


Online loans

Online loans

Online loans are a quick way to get the money you need directly into your account. You just have to have a good credit history , be of legal age and have a mobile phone number in your name – and at hand. One of the great benefits of this type of loans is that they can be obtained in just minutes and not much paperwork is required to access one. On platforms such as Steven Dopalus, loans from 500 to 50,000 dollars can be requested.

Whatever loan you are going to ask for, the ideal is that you compare the different offers. Even if you are going to request the cash provision, you can get a better proposal, remember: there are banks that charge less interest than others.

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Sometimes, life brings us opportunities that require a strong investment. Many times we are not prepared to assume these expenses, but there are options to obtain liquidity. Well managed, a loan can help your family member, in Guatemala, to balance your finances to make a great investment. Upon receiving your shipments for more than one year, your family has the right to request one.


How does it help us to take out a loan?

How does it help us to take out a loan?

A loan provides you with a large amount of money that you can allocate for whatever you want. Some people use it to cover expenses such as colleges and universities, start their own business or unify debts. It is a safe and controlled way to carry a debt.


What does my family need to get one?

What does my family need to get one?

If your shipments exceed $1,500.00 per month, through Banco Industrial, your family member may qualify to request a credit. Your family members must report 3 family or personal references, a copy of DPI and NIT of who will be responsible for the credit and a recent service receipt (water, electricity or telephone). Whoever applies for the loan can be anyone between 18 and 65 years of age. They can get up to $25,000 without surety, and up to 36 months to pay.


How is the credit paid?

credit paid

The most convenient and convenient thing is to set a fee that is debited from your account monthly. It is an automatic process and avoids late fees. You can also make the payment personally at the bank or through your electronic banking. Your family also has access to these possibilities. The important thing is that they meet the fees and use the money wisely, according to a plan.

We never know when a difficult situation that requires an investment will come. Banco Industrial offers you solutions designed for the comfort of your family and yours. The most important thing is to take care of your work and give it value.

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Small loans are our short-term financing service for people who do not need a large amount of money to solve their problems. You can get small loans quickly and easily. If you are looking for a solution, we believe that you will find the perfect service on our site that suits your needs.

Online small loans for bad credit in 3 easy steps


If you need an online small loan for bad credit then we can help you right away. The sooner you contact us with your request, the sooner we will approve a small loan for you. We only pay out in dollar and cash, one-off into your checking account.

If you come to a relative or friend and tell him I need the money right away, it can cause an avalanche of questions that you will have to answer, you will not find such questions with us.

Small loans are intended for all adults who have regular monthly incomes and a non-blocked current account. This amount of money is enough to address the reasons why you contacted us. While we will never ask you to justify your reasons, it is good to know that we treat our clients in exactly the same way, and this is the maximum discretion in which privacy is guaranteed to you.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to decide to borrow money from someone you don’t know. Although it is much easier to ask relatives and friends, it can also be very annoying. Our clients have no problem with this because we work professionally and with confidence. We are part of the Good Finance, a leading provider of financial mobile services in the EU and worldwide. We have over 2,000,000 satisfied customers who are offered discreet and easy-to-access small loans via the Internet or mobile devices.

Unexpected costs 

Unexpected costs 

It is always tricky in life when a situation occurs that you could not anticipate nor count on. The unexpected costs do not ask for either the time or the place. How many times have a situation happened that required you money, and you shrugged helplessly and thought to yourself that at least I had something besides myself.

To small loans from all over Croatia


We do business through the internet and for that reason, we are accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. It takes only a few minute’s time and basic documentation to access our request and request a small loan. Knowing that in a very simple way you can always contact us when you get into trouble, you can now sleep more peacefully. Request a small loan from your own home without going to the bank and going door to door.

Small loans in two options


There are two ways of raising a loan with us:

  1. Option “I have a Guarantor” (refers to the fact that the person applying for the loan must have another natural person, the so-called personal guarantor, who will guarantee their income that the loan will be repaid in a timely manner)
  2. If the person applying for the loan does NOT want a GUARANTEE, he / she uses the “I do not want a Guarantor” option, which implies that he/she wants to use the service of Good Finance, which is our guarantee (guarantee) partner, and in this case also acts as a Guarantor, but not a personal but, rather, a “legal and professional” Guarantor, ie a legal body.
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This really aggravated me because of my background in the non-profit sector. There are hundreds of scammers who claim to have information on “free public contributions” claiming to get government free money that can be used to pay bills, within repair credit on their own, and never have to pay back .

The fact that you filed for bankruptcy will be your credit for 7 to 10 years and prove that you are not worthy of credit. Most lenders are not fully compensated for loans that have been resolved through bankruptcy and therefore are very cautious about lending to anyone who has a bankruptcy on their credit report. Furthermore, most applications for any type of credit ask if they have ever filed for bankruptcy and will no doubt consider that in their decision.

The concept of a loan is, to put it simply, to make money.

The concept of a loan is, to put it simply, to make money.

Banks and lenders want to give money to borrow for a while and when you pay them again you have to pay them more than you originally borrowed. This is a great trick to trick us all and of course we fall into their hands unknowingly because we have no other choice. Getting any kind of loan can be extremely difficult, but home loans are something completely different. Home loans change from country to country and place to place. It is difficult to know what is the right option.

When you are facing a debt payment problem for the first time, it is very difficult to understand what is happening to you and your finances. It is necessary to take reliable help from a reliable source or the market is very selfish and can be exploited. It is very necessary to have at least basic information on the methods that are available on the market for debt relief. Writing a Debt Relief order is a good idea and fits most debtors because it is a versatile method. But before taking the help of this order, is it important that you need to know how it works and what are the essential elements of this method?

You pay your home loan and let the banks decide if you can get the money back. Millions of homeowners each year are not able to take money out of their home. Because? If the interest rate is not correct, then many times it is not worth refinancing your home or if the bank does not like your home, then you will not be able to get your money back. And the value of your home?

One thing that many people may be surprised by when doing an unsecured credit card debt consolidation is the extra charges that can be added to the payment. It may actually be a lower interest rate, but at the time you add all the taxes that your payment maybe higher.

Cheap loans are obtainable for most borrowers.

Cheap loans are obtainable for most borrowers.

It will only take a little effort on your part to look around and be aware of the fees and charges before signing. This way you will have an excellent chance of getting that cheap loan you want.

If you are going to start getting out of debt, you must stop going into debt. One way to start is to start weaning yourself from nipple credit card if you think it is part of the problem. It is not necessary to cut all credit cards; which would be impractical and unreasonable. Start slowly but build to it and get strong. It can be done. The only way to stop going into debt is to stop going into debt. You could even start now because the sooner you start, the sooner you get out of debt. The longer you wait, the longer it will take.

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But it is because the situation I have recently encountered, I suspect that it is not uncommon. And he talks a lot about such carefree life, day-to-day life, without any deeper concept. But maybe this is a recipe for life?

She was about 35 years old. She needed a quick loan. Mała, 300 USD. That was about three weeks ago. She did not work, her income was probably maintenance and maybe I don’t remember some occasional work. She had to have money the same day, because some of them had to give back.

This entry was not meant to be

This entry was not meant to be

The day before she had borrowed USD 100, now she was to give away the other USD 100, which is two hundred in total.
It turns out that in addition to banks, loan and loan companies, there is another market on the market – the private loans market, where friendship, neighborhood and friendship do not matter.

You need to pay. Some elderly woman who needed money for medicine told me something like that a few days ago. She had a weak BIK, BIG and none of the loan companies wanted to give her another payday loan . She went to a friend, asked him for 100 USD, he told her that he would borrow as much as 200.

The lady asked him why he wanted to earn on her, the person he knows, he shrugged and said that these were his conditions and either , or not. Of course she didn’t.
But I’m coming back to the first of the ladies. One of the loan companies made this amount available to her, in just an hour she had it on her account. She could do her business.

Three weeks passed


One day I have a phone call, you are calling that she has not waited a month, she repaid the loan earlier because she needs a larger one.
And that he will come to me. So she didn’t come that day, but the next. With my daughter. I don’t know how old the child may have been, but I think she could be 6-7 years old. This time you needed more money, twice the amount.
And by the way she boasted that the day before she had bought her daughter Lego bricks for 400 USD !!!!!

Real estate loan: outstanding amounts still rising /real-estate-loan-outstanding-amounts-still-rising/ Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:00:00 +0000

The indicators of the mortgage market are in the green, according to the latest figures published by the FBF (French Banking Federation). In its latest study, the federation notably took up statistics from the Francia bank and the EurCen Bank.

Outstanding home loans up 6%

Outstanding home loans up 6%

At the end of June 2017, outstanding home loans amounted to € 927 billion (833 in 2014, 866 in 2015 and 899 in 2016), a 6% increase (+ 5.6% in April and + 5.7% in May).

Outstanding amounts are increasing but production tends to decrease. From 38.3 billion euros in January 2017, it fell back to 20.7 billion euros.

How to explain this decline in production? There is a fall in home loan repurchases due to the slight rise in mortgage loans and the fact that fewer and fewer cases are renegotiable. On this second point, the share of renegotiations in relation to the production of real estate loans has been declining since the beginning of the year:

  • 61.28% of real estate loans related to a redemption of credit in January 2017;

  • 59.85% in February;

  • 52.06% in March;

  • 49.51% in April;

  • 42.36% in May;

  • 32.69% in June.

The other reason for the decline in the production of mortgage loans is related to the rise in rock prices.

Very low mortgage rates

Very low mortgage rates

We mentioned just above the mortgage rates. According to the Francia Bank, they settle on average at 1.62% for all periods combined, which is very little.

Two proofs:

  • real estate rates have been halved since 2012, equivalent to a 17% decline in the cost of credit ;

  • the difference in the cost of credit between 2011 and 2016 (for a mortgage of € 250,000 over 15 years excluding insurance) reaches € 43,000, the price of a studio in Nancy or Tours, or half the price… a service room in Paris.

Real estate loan: France is better than its European neighbors

Real estate loan: France is better than its European neighbors

According to the figures of the EurCen Bank, housing loans show a good momentum (+ 5.8%), a rate higher than that of the euro zone (+ 3.3%, of which + 3.9% for Germany, + 2.3% for Italy and -2.6% for Spain).

Sign of the beautiful vitality of the mortgage market in France: more than 22% of total mortgage loans are granted by a French establishment.

Change of position at the start of the academic year: how to optimize credits in repayment? /change-of-position-at-the-start-of-the-academic-year-how-to-optimize-credits-in-repayment/ Tue, 06 Aug 2019 12:23:19 +0000

Proposed by the repurchase of credit, to reorganize its loans and to reschedule the amount of the monthly payments are maneuvers which can interest the people who change of position and salary.

Proposed by the repurchase of credit, to reorganize its loans and to reschedule the amount of the monthly payments are maneuvers which can interest the people who change of position and salary.

Credits are dependent on income variations

Credits are dependent on income variations

When a professional change presages, whether it is a promotion, a move to a less rewarding position or even a job loss, it is necessary to take its predispositions in advance to manage with efficiency transition. This preparation is all the more necessary when credits are being refunded. Why do you have to plan a change of position in advance? Already because it is usually accompanied by a fluctuation of the perceived income. Mobility to an advanced position increases the chances of getting a salary increase. In this case, the financial situation can only improve.

Nevertheless, he can be affected by a loss of salary. Here, the standard of living once acquired may be called into question. The point of concern is when loans are being refunded. When they are contracted with a financial institution, offers of credit are indexed according to the income earned by the household and its solvency. A loss of salary can, therefore, have particularly bad budgetary repercussions since the new income can make take off the debt ratio according to the recorded fall.

Reschedule monthly payments with a credit surrender

Reschedule monthly payments with a credit surrender

But then, what are the solutions to review the conditions of loans in repayment after a decline in income? As a first step, it is possible to negotiate with the lending institution to restructure the terms of the current loans. If for real estate credit the approach is relatively accessible, although sometimes refused by bank advisers, it is another story for consumer credit. Indeed, unless you benefit from a specific and rare clause inserted into a contract, it is difficult to review the conditions.

To reduce the amount of mortgage payments due to a loss of income, the alternative is to combine at least two loans, real estate and/or consumer, in a single credit. This is the principle of a grouping of credits or a repurchase of credit. This operation proposes to increase the repayment period in order to lower the amount of the monthly payment that is levied once a month on behalf of an interlocutor. If the cost of credit increases in fine, the borrower can nevertheless pay each month his monthly payment which corresponds better to his new budget. There is no real limit on the amounts to be pooled, which means that a credit buyback of a large sum is possible as well as a credit buyback of a small amount.

Reassess its borrowing capacity

Reassess its borrowing capacity

Good to know, the credit redemption is also for borrowers who get a better job. Increasing the number of monthly payments to repay faster is, for example, an assumption that can be considered. Just like buying a home loan in order to obtain a better credit rate, achievable thanks to an improvement of the budgetary situation and the favorable context of historically low rates. Depending on the outstanding amounts outstanding and the quality of the borrower’s profile, an offer to buy back credit may very well lower the total cost of credit.

Finally, the operation of operation makes it possible to gain simplicity in budget management and also to finance new projects with the possibility of opening a new line of credit. This is to be claimed during a request and is then inserted in the new single monthly payment and can be used to finance real estate as projects for consumption. Obviously, an analyst must first decide on the feasibility of a new release. The operation is therefore not only intended to regulate the debt of a household since it is a lever to support the success of new projects.

Creditworthiness – how to increase your credit chances? /creditworthiness-how-to-increase-your-credit-chances/ Fri, 02 Aug 2019 12:13:03 +0000


Creditworthiness is – in a nutshell – the borrower’s ability to repay his liability. To calculate it, the bank will ask about your net income and fixed expenses, such as installments of existing loans, cost of housing, bills, alimony, cost of car maintenance, etc.

Then it will check whether the remaining funds are enough to pay the loan installment. It’s so-called creditworthiness testing. Most banks consider a safe situation when the loan installment does not exceed half of the free monthly revenues of the potential borrower

Creditworthiness – what does the bank take into account?

Creditworthiness - what does the bank take into account?

Although each bank has its own rules for calculating creditworthiness, the following data are usually considered as additional information:

  1. Marital status – it’s usually easier to take a loan for a marriage than for singles.
  2. Education – the higher, the better.
  3. Professional status – do you work in a large, solid company or do we run our own business? In the case of business – the longer the company’s history, the better your chances of a loan.
  4. Regularity of income – employees on a contract of employment are a much more attractive group of clients for the bank than persons employed on other terms. Due to the irregularity of inflows of people employed on a mandate contract or a specific task contract, banks apply a much more restrictive policy of granting loans.
  5. Credit history – the bank checks whether we have regularly paid our liabilities. If in the past you had problems with paying financial obligations, you must take into account the refusal to grant a loan or the extension of the loan process.
  6. Number of people in the household – the lower the costs of maintaining a family, the more willingly the bank will grant you a loan.
  7. Type and value of the real estate being credited, as well as the status of the investment. For a bank, it is far less risky to finance a finished apartment than the proverbial “hole in the ground”.

The approach to the subject of creditworthiness is now secure, thanks to which the risk of the borrower’s insolvency is significantly reduced – already at the stage of deciding on the amount of the loan.

Calculate your credit standing – how to do it at home?

Calculate your credit standing - how to do it at home?

The secret of the Ponloder is how banking scoring looks exactly. Each bank calculates creditworthiness differently, but tools are available online to help you determine if you have the chance for a loan you are thinking about. If you choose the creditworthiness calculator at SumMoney, you will find out in a few moments whether it is worth submitting the application.

Calculating creditworthiness with a calculator is very simple. Choose the amount, repayment period and interest rate that you can check in our loan comparison. Enter the limits on your credit card, specify your obligations, calculate all monthly installments.

Determine your family’s income and number of members. Click “calculate creditworthiness” and it’s ready! If the result meets your expectations, you can immediately see the offers of banks – just click “find the best loan”.

How to increase your credit standing? Proven ways!

How to increase your credit standing? Proven ways!

There are several ways to improve and increase your credit standing. First of all, it is worth giving up all credit cards and closing revolving loans in your personal accounts.

Also read: Positive credit history – learn how to build it

Why? When assessing your creditworthiness, the bank also checks your loan installments and whether you have a credit card and account limit. For these products, most often, 3 to 5 percent is added to the amount of monthly liabilities.

A credit card with a limit of PLN 10,000 will be treated as a debt of PLN 300 to 500. It may reduce your creditworthiness by up to several thousand zlotys. If you have other loans and you are unable to pay them back once, you can extend their repayment period, which will reduce the monthly installments.

Loan without creditworthiness – is it possible?

Loan without creditworthiness - is it possible?

A loan without creditworthiness? Only if you obtain a co-borrower. If you do not have income to get a loan, look for a trusted person who will help you take advantage of the offer. What should you pay attention to when choosing such a solution? First of all, the co-borrower should be a person with creditworthiness in the bank’s assessment.

Good to know: How to check your Retro? Advise!

However, it should be remembered that banks often set the maximum age limit for the borrower. The last installment of the loan should usually be repaid before the age of 70-75. Otherwise, the bank may shorten the repayment period of the loan.

Recommendation T – what does it consist of?

In August 2011, the T. recommendation came into force. This is the decision adopted by the PFSA to regulate credit risk by banks. Applies to all types of loans – mortgage, car and cash, credit cards.

First of all, it introduces the principle that there can be no situation in which the monthly installments of all loans exceed 50% of the borrower’s net income. The only exception are people with above average earnings. In their case, the bar was raised to 65%.


Borrow money immediately – 3 tips /borrow-money-immediately-3-tips/ Mon, 01 Jul 2019 12:52:33 +0000

The washing machine is broken, the car has a total loss, the heating must be renewed – there are situations that are simply unpredictable.

Borrow money immediately – that’s how it works

Borrow money immediately - that

Since not everyone has a bulging savings account for emergencies, borrowing is often the only solution. Even good deals that pay off in the long term – such as the dream car for a special price – require a quick financing. Anyone who wants to borrow money immediately has several options: One of the most popular and safest options is Instant Credit. Those who apply for such a loan often receive the desired loan amount within 24 hours, provided they have a good credit rating.
With these tips you can quickly and easily find a cheap instant loan:

1st tip: note conditions

1st tip: note conditions

Instant loans enable borrowers to act flexibly – which usually comes at a price. Those who urgently need a loan and want to receive the desired loan amount within 24 hours often pay more interest. For banks, instant loans are associated with an increased administrative burden. The processing of the credit application as well as the examination of the creditworthiness are carried out here in quick succession. Nonetheless, even instant loans are good value for money. Interest rates should not deviate too much from market values. Even with the other conditions, such as the duration and the amount of monthly installments, it is important to make no ill-considered compromises.

Tip 2: Keep a cool head

Tip 2: Keep a cool head

Apply for an instant loan, get the money within a short time – that sounds tempting, but is also associated with risks. Even those who want to borrow money immediately, should not give up a thorough calculation. The following questions help in determining the personal framework conditions:

    1. What is the purchase price?
    2. How much money is available each month to repay the loan?
    3. How much room for maneuver is necessary (not too tight)?
    4. Over which period should the loan be paid off?
    5. Are there any more expensive purchases in the next few years?

3rd tip: perform online comparison

If you want to borrow money immediately, the best way to find cheap providers is to use an online loan comparison. In the portal of Bank family, it is possible to search for the ideal instant loan with a mouse click and to apply for the desired loan in minutes.